Digital Marketing – The 21st century way of advertising

digital marketing

The 21st century is the era of Internet and the Online World. With more than 49% of world’s population as its users, the Online World becomes a great way to advertise our products, content and new ideas. In today’s era if you are not advertising your products on the Internet you are missing a big chunk of conversions and leads that have the power of taking your business to new heights.

Digital Marketing consists of variety of techniques like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Monetisation (SEM) and Social Media Marketing. And these techniques are just the tip of the iceberg. The world of Digital Marketing is pretty vast.
The ads that you get to see while watching YouTube videos are good examples of Digital Marketing. Ever tried to watch a movie online and got too many pop-ups? Digital Marketing! Ever visited a website and saw the ads on header and footers? Digital Marketing! Scrolling through your Facebook news feed and came across an ad for the product that you were searching on Amazon a few minutes ago? Digital Marketing!
Let’s discuss some of the most famous techniques of Digital Marketing and try to understand it on a deeper level.



Google is a search engine that you must have tried at least once in your life. Today Google can provide answers to everything from your daily life problems to complex maths problems found in textbooks. The best solution for any problem can be found on Google with just one click. Every day 3.5 billion searches are performed on Google. This provides a great opportunity for marketers to advertise their products on this huge platform. Exploiting this opportunity is called SEM.
In the picture below you can see a usual google search result. The elements in the rectangular boxes are nothing but ads placed by different marketers to promote their products. The keyword shown in the picture “digital camera” gets about 200 thousand searches every month. Now, think about the number of people who will be converted into buyers because of these ads every month and the profit the advertisers are going to get from those 200 thousand people searching for this keyword. Amazing, isn’t it?

dm 1



Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is somewhat similar to SEM but in SEO we don’t have to pay Google to show our site to the users in the search results. SEM is paid, advertisers have to pay Google some amount of money in order to show their ads in Google. Whereas in SEO, the traffic that advertisers get is 100% organic.


Advertisers have to optimise their website around a keyword (for which they want to be showed in SERPS for example – digital camera) so that Google ranks it for that particular keyword in the SERPS. SEO requires expertise, skills and patience that’s why many website owners either spend their time on it or hire SEO experts to rank their website on google.



Social Media Marketing is nothing but the use of Social Networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to reach the targeted audience. Each and everything you do on your social media accounts like liking a post, sharing a meme, like a page etc. is kept in a record and according to that record advertisement that is most relevant to you are shown to you.

So, for example, you liked the Reebok’s official page don’t get surprised when you start seeing ads related to Reebok, Sports accessories, shoes etc. Just think about the conversion rate in this scenario. It’s going to be amazing. The profits are huge, that’s because of the great presence of masses on these social media websites. Facebook has 1 billion users, Instagram has 700 million users when advertisers get to reach these people directly through social media they can expect huge profits and good conversions.


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