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Internet Marking – The Present and The Future

Let me ask you a question, how much time do you spend on Internet? I am sure that you open your Facebook account at least once in a day. A recent survey by McAfee shows that Indian Teens spend about 86% of their time daily on Facebook followed by 54% on Twitter. About 97% of the Indian teens have access to social media.

As we can see from the stats above, Internet has captured a huge chunk of attention of tons of people all around the world. Before the Internet revolution, most people spend their time in front of their Television screens. Now, you must have seen an array of advertisements on your Televisions. But today it’s time to advertise on the Internet. As explained above the Internet has a huge chunk of attention of tons of people all around the world and Internet Marketers have a huge opportunity to grab people’s attention and advertise their products to them. So, how do Internet Marketers do this job?

Internet Marketers pay social networking companies to provide a fraction of the chunk of people’s attention that social networking sites have so that they can advertise their products online and can profit from it. This is what Internet Marketing is all about.
But is it future proof? Is that a stable way to earn money? Let’s find out.


Before talking about the future, we must clearly understand the present-day status of Internet Marking. I have seen people saying that Internet Marketing is not a stable way of earning method.
To then my answer is, yes, it isn’t you can make 0$ or can make 100k$ per month it all depends on you. Whereas if we look at mainstream 9-5 jobs they will provide you with safe 500-600$ per month easily. You just must follow the rules and that’s it you get paid. But that’s not the case with IM.
In Internet Marketing, everything depends on you. You can make a 100k$ per month or can make 0$ too. But all people are not made to do 9-5 jobs. They just can’t handle living a boring and monotonic life. For those people, Internet Marketing is a great career.

Today, if you have any skill from Content Writing to Computer Programming you can make a TON OF MONEY on the InternetAnd if you became a master of some skill (Programming, SEO, Content Writing and many others) then nothing can stop you from making more than a 9-5 job guy. Kids as young as 13-14 years of age are making an insane amount of money just doing Internet Marketing.
So yes, the current day scenario of Internet Marking is that everything is depended on your performance. It’s not stable but it is surely better than a 9-5 job where you become a cog in the machine. If you want financial freedom, then IM is the best choice in today’s scenario. Let’s have a look at the future of Internet Marketing.



The best thing about the Internet Marketing is that you don’t need a degree to pursue it. You just need an Internet Connection and a Laptop or PC that’s it. So, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on getting a degree which is just a piece of paper nowadays.

The Internet Marketing is in the infant phase of its lifetimeIn next 5-10 years, more and more companies and organizations are going to use Internet Marketing as their primary way of advertising. Even today organizations spend thousands and millions of dollars on increasing their online presence and attracting customers. Instagram, Facebook, Google, Twitter are some of the big players in the Internet Marketing gameThey are not going to disappear at all in near future. They are going to take over the day-to-day activities of a human being.
As the VR and AR technologies will advance the advertisements will reach more and more people easily. So, Internet Marketing is not going to die in near future it’s just going to grow more and more. Giving greater and better opportunities to marketers.

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