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Natural Mouse Repellent

Keeping the home clean helps us keep varieties of insects and rodent pests such as mice and rats away from entering the house. Well, the problem of rats and mice is a very common one now-a-days and there are several remedies also available in the market to keep rodents away from the house.

The glimpse of rodents in the house is enough for many people to get impatient and they just try their best to kill them or remove them from their house. These rodents even cut the phone lines often and to deal with them becomes a pain for many. They defuse the eclectic wires and cables. Often due to the electric wire damages caused by the rats and mice it creates a short circuit and that even catches fire.

These rodents mostly access your house through the small holes, toiled tunnels, ventilators and gaps in the backyard of your house. Even a small hole in the wall is enough for a bunch of mice and rats to get into your house and spread the damage all over. These rodents are so aggressive that they even climb up the pipe lines of your house and enter the kitchen and bathrooms and from there they find ways to your rooms.

Why Mice and Rats Get into the houses?

The prime reason behind these rodents to venture into the houses is the food particles and waste materials spread over the places. These waste materials generate a smell which attracts the mice and the rats to get into your house in search of food and shelter. The water blockage and the smell from the dirty toilets also pull these rodents to get into the house.


Natural Mouse Repellents

Natural Mouse Repellent are the key to get rid of them without damaging anything of your own. Mostly there are several other repellents also available in the market which work wonders but they can be very much dangerous for your family’s health as they are made up of the toxic chemicals and poisonous components.

Varieties of Natural Mouse Repellents You Can Make of Your Own

Cotton ball peppermint repellents – One of the natural mouse repellents that can be used is the cotton balls solution. By using the cotton balls dipped in the peppermint oil and spreading it all over the place where you suspect the chances of having the mice or rats can also reduce the presence of the mice in the house. Many of the commercial products that tend to be the natural mouse repellents use the same spearmint and peppermint oils as their core ingredients. The scented oils are also the one of the best options to prevent the rats and mice from entering your house.

Use of Ammonia – Ammonia repellent is said to be one of the better repellents while we are talking of the Natural Mouse Repellent. The rats and mice have a tendency of not liking the smell of the ammonia and hence we can use them as a weapon against them in getting away of the house. All we need to do is to pour the ammonia in the used soda bottle caps and keep at the places where there are the chances of having mice and rats, the rodents get annoyed by the smell of ammonia and will run out of your place.

Using the Predator smell as repellent – You can also try out predator smell as a repellent. Get the repellent as the cats or the fox for instance and use them to remove the mice from your house. These natural repellents are also available in the liquid form which mostly comes in the spray bottles and which can be easily sprayed at the deep corners of the room of your houses. This not only removes the wild rodents but also prevents them from entering as they find a chance of danger in the form of their predator.

If you cannot work out any of the above said ideas, there are several natural mouse repellents available which do not contain any poisonous and toxic components and which are completely natural and eco-friendly as well.

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